A (hot) date with Rachel Maddow and supreme pan pizza (and an amber ale)

18 Jan

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Maddow. I think it’s because she’s an underdog (a woman, gay and a journalist all at once). And she’s smart. Really smart. I have a fantasy that someday I will get to share a beer with her along with some fried zucchini (obviously she would be choosing the appetizer but I would prefer fried zucchini to fried mozzarella). There’s a lot that I don’t know about politics. I would like to speak to her and ask a burning question:  Why don’t we have a shorter period for elections (like they do in England) so there isn’t all this $ spent on candidate advertising (and bickering)?  The lead time up until the election seems to be spent on inane stuff, like choosing a Republican (or Democratic) representative and vetting candidates (well this was not a bad idea in Sarah Palin’s case, it just came too late).

The more slices of pizza I eat (see slice #1 below) the more pithy I become about politics.

Maybe it’s the amber ale talking. I’m not sure. I’d better have another for good measure.

In the spirit of full disclosure I also have a girl crush on Penelope Cruz. I mean, she’s got the bod, the brain (she is smart enough to work with Pedro Almodovar and is married to Javier Bardem) and additionally is a great actress. Haven’t seen All About my Mother? Get a used copy on Ebay. Now. Right now!


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