A Grand Day Out – Wallace & Gromit (We’ve forgotten the crackers, Gromit!)

18 Jan

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen Wallace & Gromit before. It’s the claymation story (stories) of a man and his dog that get into amazing adventures. This morning over coffee and whole wheat toast with fig jam I was watching A Grand Day Out. It’s the episode when they build a spaceship – and forget the crackers (apparently crackers are important at teatime). This is where Wallace exits the spaceship (just before takeoff) and goes into the kitchen, grabs an armful of cracker boxes and gets back in so they can blastoff into space.

The cabinet that Wallace’s crackers came from reminded me of someone I was in a relationship with – he was a bit of a hoarder (that’s putting it mildly) and I would find several rolls of aluminum foil in his pantry (you will ask now what was I doing in his pantry) and gallons of milk in the fridge (not all current dates, unfortunately). I think it came from his parents not having grown up with money, and when they made their money they were still frugal, and therefore the frugal gene got passed down to him. So when something is on sale, he buys. A lot.

Sometimes these memories are powerful and remind us of reasons why we’ve moved on from relationships. I know. I just couldn’t deal with the guy’s pantry. The kitchen wench is (there is a long pause here between typing because I have forgotten the word I want to use) fickle that way.

Jack however has a pantry that is not overly bursting with tin foil, rather, it contains noodles, tea, cans of  bamboo shoots, wild rice and couscous mix, coconut milk and wine.


Jack's pantry

The lyrics from that  song Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire used to dance to come to mind: I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.


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