A bike ride at Indian School Steele Park and Lobster with garlic

16 Jan

I really thought it was supposed to rain yesterday. As it turns out, it did…but it was later in the day, after our bike ride at Indian School Steele Park with my Mom, Dad, bro and Aunt. You see, Santa really came through for the kitchen wench this year and brought me this:

new bike

I know! I was pretty shocked…not having ridden a bike for many years except for a visit at my Dad’s about a year and a half ago, I wasn’t sure how stable I would feel. Well after yesterday’s pleasant ride I’m thankful to report I’m ready for a bike adventure – Jack mentioned we should take our bikes to Monterey so we could enjoy the city en bicicleta (he didn’t actually say it that way, I am taking some liberties here).

The bike is a good addition to my life, especially since Jack makes sure we eat so well. Saturday we were at Mekong Palace and shared a lobster fried with garlic. It was the tastiest preparation of lobster I have ever tried.  I was teasing him, “Dude, what are we celebrating here?” I think we were celebrating the event of  eating something yummy with someone we care about. Corny? Just a bit. Along with the lobster we enjoyed steamed rice, beef chow fun (see my lunch today pictured below)  and Chinese broccoli.

beef chow fun

This morning I inhaled a churro with coffee and this is a breakfast I highly recommend.

churro con chocolate or coffee, that is...

You can do this once in awhile, as long as you …ya know, get on your bike and ride.


Gwynne, Jack and Mike


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