Aunt Chilada’s happy hour (with dancing!) and lunch at The Greek Pita

14 Jan

Last night I met my Dad, Linda and some of my Dad’s friends from Einstein’s at Aunt Chilada’s for happy hour (he makes friends wherever he goes). It was so much fun to talk to friendly people and eat free food (with the caveat that you are going to buy a drink – or two). Their spread is really something. They have a “build a taco or tostada” bar along with cut up fresh fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, pineapple) and celery/carrot sticks. The piece de resistance apparently is the wings and they go quickly. A man sitting next to us before my Dad’s group arrived was expressing his sadness that all of the hot wings had disappeared. He had three tacos on his plate that were fully loaded and this was his second or third plate. I told him he must have a fast metabolism, since he was in pretty good shape. The kitchen wench is cheeky.

After happy hour Linda and I made our way inside where there was a rock band and dancing. They have a big dance floor, and we cut a rug. It had been awhile and I was glad that I can still move like a teenager (just don’t ask me to do a cartwheel).

The kitchen wench was recently offered a part-time opportunity to blog for a local rag, I submitted my first restaurant review and had to do some edits this week. So far it hasn’t been approved so I’m waiting to tell all of you who I’m writing for until it gets published. It may be that the kitchen wench’s style is a too ad lib and won’t be a good fit for the mag, but that is okay. I will continue to eat, and write.

Last week Jack and I went to The Greek Pita at Tempe Marketplace for lunch. I had a kefta kebab which is sort of like a greek hamburger with tzatziki sauce on a pita and Jack opted for fish and chips.

He said they were tasty.  We ate for under $20 with drinks and the food was great so I’m pretty sure we will be back there soon. We had gone several months ago and taken food home (Jack gets a night off once in awhile from the kitchen). I’m a big fan of bold flavors and greek spices (oregano/ sumac). I get wanderlust. Greece is on my bucket list. With Thailand. But that is another post. And probably separate trips.

Jack’s nephew gave us a bag of coffee from Peet’s (he works there near San Francisco) to take home when we visited. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) it is a very fine grind, so when we brewed a pot yesterday I let Jack know we might have to get something else and I could take this one home for my use (since I have a little espresso maker). Probably later today I’ll be going to Mama Java and picking up a pound of something that they will grind for a drip machine. This morning I had to grind some beans since I was finishing up the mocha java my brother had given me from Cost Plus. I enjoyed it. This morning’s blend is kona coffee also from Cost Plus. I like getting the “dirt” under my fingernails as you can see.

Happy brewing.


2 Responses to “Aunt Chilada’s happy hour (with dancing!) and lunch at The Greek Pita”

  1. RGH January 16, 2012 at 7:13 am #

    I like your article.

    • chamoyada February 9, 2012 at 1:34 am #

      Thank you RGH. They sure do a great spread there! Also, can’t wait to go back for some more dancing. The kitchen wench is all about the “free” eats (“free” because we know we’re going to have at least 2 margs).

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