One way of keeping that Christmas feeling

5 Jan

I was watching the Christmas episode  tonight of Shaun the Sheep (season 2, episode 9) and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the holidays this year. We went to my aunt’s on Christmas day and she made chicken cacciatore, spaghetti (it was actually linguini) and cannoli. She makes her own cannoli shells in a pizzelle maker and puts a little cinnamon in the batter.  You can eat them plain and not even miss the vanilla pudding/ricotta cheese filling (well not much at least). When we were kids she would fill the shells and then put chocolate chips on the ends. I loved that. Don’t want to make them? Go to Defalco’s and buy some. I think they make chocolate and anisette pizelles. Of course you can also get filled cannolis there too. I was going to say just as long as you don’t have the word diet in your new years resolutions. Actually it’s all about moderation, right? Just substitute your bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a cannoli and you should be okay. Just not every day.

But you could have a bagel every day. You know who has actually very serviceable bagels? Duncan Donuts. I know, it’s a chain. But they are pretty good. Jack got me two yesterday (one raisin and one sesame seed) along with a coffee muffin. It has cinnamon in it and a crumbly topping. I shared half with him (the kitchen wench doesn’t always share when it comes to yummy things) so I’m eating half tonight with constant comment tea (sorry the picture came out a big fuzzy).

I digress. We were musing about  Shaun the Sheep; I bought season one for my nephew and nieces for Christmas. (it is such a cute show made by the same people who made Wallace and Gromit and I think it is genius) Anyways it turns out that the kiddos aren’t ready yet for claymation (or whatever this technology is called). Hopefully they will grow into it. Maybe I should have checked with Mom first? The kitchen wench is unpredictable and spontaneous, but once in awhile it is good to ask. Sorry sis-in-law! No worries, the kitchen wench has recovered. I mailed them all (3 of ’em) a small Maglite and I know at least Chrissy is going to be overjoyed as he was merrily playing with one of them on New Year’s eve… and then was a bit upset after his Dad had pried it from his tiny hands. Well now he’ll have his own.


I know, I’m an instigator…

Anyways, if you get Netflix, you can watch Shaun the Sheep. Check it out!

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