Orange snacks and pizza from La Grande Orange

21 Dec

I was snacking on a lot of orange things last weekend. Some pilfered grapefruit from my aunt’s neighbor’s tree:

and some dried mango (and spicy mango) from Food City.

Being an honorary Mexican (and Spaniard), I shop at Food City. And occasionally they “blow out” things and I take advantage. Last week they had containers of dried mango in the back of the store for .99 cents! I mean, that’s like 66% off. The kitchen wench appreciates frugal moments, so she can eat things like…pizza from La Grande Orange. If you go, your pizza will look something like this:

It was a tasty pie. Fennel, sausage and yellow bell peppers. And half went into my freezer (here’s what I mean about being frugal) for one night next week when I need a feed. Linda and I went to La Grande Orange tonight after work (we deserved it and Santa provided…thanks go out to my Secret Santa for gifting an AMEX gift card to supplement our meal) for eats and drinks. The cool thing at La Grande is that you can buy a bottle of wine, drink what you like and take the rest home. How’s that for frugal? I’m all about that. That meant that Linda got to take home a bottle white (since that’s her preference) and I got to take home a bottle of red, along with a cute monkey ornament with a hat and a snowboard. Oh, and breakfast. I know. Blueberry brioche toast.

Go and get yours today. While the cute monkeys last.

Merry Christmas!


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