Windsor (and Churn), The Herb Box and what’s for lunch

14 Dec

Dad and I went to Windsor on Sunday night. I was organizing a prison break since my aunt was holding us captive after the delicious spaghetti dinner she made for us. She uses salt pork in her sauce, so you know it has to be good. She said we had to “metabolize” our wine. Really? I only had one and a half glasses and I ate so I felt pretty good (maybe that’s what she thought too)…so off to Windsor we went.

We wanted to go to The Parlor, but they were closed. So, I told Dad about this cool place in the old neighborhood that has great food, cool architecture, a long wine list and homemade ice cream (and also I suspected they had chartreause so I had selfish reasons for wanting to go). We opted for a shot of chartreause each and then a cappuccino. The shot turned into two and then one more that we shared. And I think we also had another cappuccino. I’m not sure.

Then we went next door for ice cream and we had butter pecan and one other flavor. Since I don’t remember what flavor it was I think it was a good thing we took a walk around the old neighborhood (Windsor Square) before driving. Here’s a picture of the shop where you buy your ice cream, Churn, next to Windsor.

During our walk, we saw our old house (244 E. Medlock), the houses my little friends used to live in, my piano teacher’s house, the house where my first male friend lived in who inspired my Dad to have a second child and we also saw the mayor’s house on Orange (but I don’t think he lives there anymore). The architecture in Windsor Square is so neat and I think if I ever win the lottery or come into money by some other means (work?) I would like to buy a little home there. It’s good to dream, at least? Lofty goals, maybe. I hate that phrase. It sounds so pretentious.

I was working last night and I let another person get the better of me on the phone. He said, “I want to speak to someone who speaks Spanish!” I told him in Spanish that he was speaking to someone who speaks Spanish. Anyways, the end result was that I got huffy and my manager came on the line and smoothed it all out. My manager is a good one. Thanks, Asun.

The rough edges can also be smoothed out by food  (not only from the help of a great boss) and that was proven again last night by Jack. He made beef slices stir fried with fresh green beans. There is a lot of garlic in this, and a little fish sauce.

I love it. On the left is some tzatziki that we bought at The Herb Box market at Southbridge on Saturday since we had lunch there with my Dad, Fran and Dominic. We sat outside and sipped blackberry mojitos and shared a pork ciabatta sandwich. Yummy.

Btw, relating to food since food will be made available…there is a Humanist meeting tonight (and every Wed) at I Hop across the street from Gammage on University. It’s my first time. 7:00 pm if you want to join.



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