Sahara’s amazing chicken tikka

10 Dec

My friend Sharon told me recently that she’d discovered a new place we should try. She said it was on McClintock and Southern and the name was Sahara. I was like, “that’s funny, there used to be a place called Sahara on University and Mill.”   It’s the same place!  I remember being very sad when they left Mill and University because I thought they had closed for good. I just didn’t do my research. But my lunch partner in crime came to the rescue. Thanks, Sharon!

These guys have great lunch specials. Today I had the chicken tikka (juicy) with a side of rice (and spicy tomato sauce on top) and side salad (a kind of tzatziki dressing) with hummus.

Their hummus is so yummy. I was craving it because I remembered it being so tasty and I was also suffering from low blood sugar so I ducked in early and ordered an appetizer portion before the meal and started eating it before Sharon arrived. I know. I didn’t mean to be rude but I was just SO hungry.

They also make a turkish style coffee that has mississippi mud in the bottom of it after all of the liquid is gone. It is a really fine grind. And strong. I like it. Mine was sweetened and Sharon’s wasn’t (she’s sweet enough already). We also shared rice pudding that has a hint of cinnamon and is sprinkled with ground walnuts. Yummy.

I noticed they also do a lamb shank meal, I am very anxious to go back and try it. One of Sharon’s friends had it already and gave it high marks.

Sharon gifted me today with a loaf of her beautiful date bread.

I need about three pieces of this with a cup of constant comment tea. With milk.


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