AZ Reptile Center and fried tilapia

7 Dec

Have you ever been to AZ Reptile Center in Mesa? It is pretty neat. There are all kinds of snakes, spiders and turtles. I am a big fan of turtles and tortoises, ever since I was a girl. I’m not sure why this is, but maybe it has something to do with their ability to duck into their shell for protection. Anyways, the AZ Reptile Center has these cute small turtles that almost fit in the palm of your hand – and Jack is thinking about getting one. They are surprisingly active and I suspect they are social as well.

Right now Jack has three beta fish, we have named them creatively (haha) red (aka Big Red), green and blue. They are all very pretty and different varieties. I will take pictures and post them for you soon. These fish are very social, especially around feeding time.

Speaking of fish, we had fried tilapia last night. I was working and around 5:30 I get a text message with this picture. The text said:  fried tilapia, ceviche and tortillas.

Oh my! I was very excited to see this, as it was Jack’s deep fryer’s maiden flight. His Mom sent it to him from Florida since she wasn’t using it anymore and finally it has been christened (or re-christened) with a beautiful whole tilapia (two actually). He actually had to cut them in half to get them to fit in the fryer but no matter. It was a delicious fish (proof of this below).


We ate standing up in the kitchen and were in a type of fried fish daze/coma, and we also enjoyed ceviche tacos (the extra tortillas will come in handy for this weekend when we go to El Rancho Carniceria for fried pork chops. They make great street tacos. They are excellent football food.).

Point of this post: Go to Mekong Supermarket now (right now!) while they have whole tilapia on sale. I think we paid $2.99/lb.



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