Green papaya salad and Jack’s meatballs

5 Dec

Did  you know that you can buy papaya already shaved? Apparently it takes lot of time to do it yourself, so we bought some pre-shaved yesterday at Mekong supermarket. Jack said his Mom does it herself, and then has quite a lot of fruit left over, it is frozen but then afterward it isn’t the same (this is where you step in and say of course it isn’t the same – it is frozen) but apparently it does something to the texture. Anyways, the finished product is quite pretty (and tasty too).

The salad has roma tomatoes (Jack would normally use cherry tomatoes but Mekong didn’t have those), fish sauce, garlic,  a Thai chili pepper, peanuts, lime juice, salt and some magic fairy dust I suspect (this is when Jack tells me to look the other way and he throws something else in). This version has almonds instead of peanuts because we are improvising types that make lemonade when live hands us lemons (corny?).

Before making his special salad Jack took us to dim sum at Mekong Restaurant and I am just crazy about this place. No I don’t own any stock. We had bbq pork, duck, noodles, fried rice (sticky version) and Chinese broccoli.  And I have a lunch portion for today (yes!) so I am feeling very happy.

We also stopped at the Chinese bakery and picked up many yummy pastries (gasp!) so breakfast is covered for the next few days. Clockwise: red bean bun, taro cookie and pineapple tart. Mmmmm.

Then we spent the rest of the day watching football (I saw the Cardinals impressive final touchdown – Jack was sleeping) and then we watched New Moon together after enjoying Jack’s delicious version of spaghetti and meatballs. I hadn’t seen it before and was very impressed, surprisingly. I had seen (and tasted) Jack’s meatballs before however (please don’t read a double entendre there) and they were impressive, not surprisingly…



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