Rice Krispy treats and Pizza Heaven

4 Dec

This morning I made a big pan of Rice Krispy treats. They are mostly for Jack, who doesn’t eat a lot of sweets… but he really likes these.

I normally don’t measure but it’s something like 1/2 cube butter, 6 cups rice krispies and a 10 oz bag mini marshmallows (they melt quicker than the big ones). I always butter the sides of a deep pan (it’s my spaghetti pan) and butter the pan that is their final resting place (but not for long). Today I used a pan that my Aunt Char gifted me recently, since my brother Ken made stuffing on Thanksgiving Day (it was a very tasty stuffing by the way with lots of garlic and challah) with the Pyrex pan I usually use for rice krispy treats.

Speaking of stuffing, we were going to stuff Jack’s bird (I am calling it Jack’s bird now since he did all of the prep) and talked to my brother beforehand about an acceptable (Kosher) stuffing. He said a lot of the commercial brands are Kosher (we didn’t know this) – he said you just have to look for the U or a circle K symbol and then you know. I knew this, but I neglected to tell Jack, who searched 3 stores for a kosher stuffing mix we had seen online (their website said WalMart carried it) but then we found out that it wasn’t available in our area. Sheesh! I mean, there was a lot of “to do” about the stuffing. In the end my brother ended up making it, and the bird was cooked unstuffed, problem solved.

Now I need to get my pyrex pan back from my Mom for the next batch of rice krispy treats…

I should have picked it up yesterday. I was there visiting with my brother and my Mom after picking up a pizza from Pizza Heaven (just south of Missouri on 7th St.) for lunch. My brother and I shared a 14″ works pizza, it had a very yummy/chewy crust (not soggy) and a tasty sauce. Mike enjoyed some garlic bread and we shared 10 hot wings. Their wings are not crispy like some other buffalo wings I have tried, but their sauce is very addictive (vinegary – I like this) and the meat almost falls off the bone. I only got to eat two as my brother demolished the rest. It was a good sign that lunch got a thumbs up.

For some reason, I had never been to Pizza Heaven’s new location (probably because they deliver). It is very cozy and looks like a great spot to go have lunch with a co-worker (Linda are you listening?).  If there are no takers (I can’t imagine this) regardless… I’ll be going back soon.



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