Spinato’s Pizzeria – some of the best pizza around

1 Dec

The kitchen wench is lucky to have a good friend at work (you know who you are…Linda) who brought me a par-baked pizza for my birthday, courtesy of her son Adam. I had a couple of slices left over and popped them in the oven for dinner tonight. Along with an India Pale Ale (thanks to my brother Ken for leaving those behind), I was set for a great feed as you can see by the picture below.


Adam is a pizza chef at Spinato’s Pizzeria in Scottsdale on Frank Lloyd Wright (they have other locations) and he makes an amazing pie. He told me tonight that the recipe isn’t his, in the spirit of full disclosure. And yet, I was very impressed with this young man’s ability to make a great pizza. So…thank you Adam for making me this wonderful pizza (and thank you Linda for being the broker). I highly recommend you go to Spinato’s and get one of their tasty pizzas.

And Adam, if you ever decide to go out on your own and make pizza, I will fetch your coffee. Every good CEO needs a qualified administrative assistant, right?


Speaking of food (were we speaking of food?) Jack made burgers last night. He put cilantro and onions inside of the burgers and then sauteed extra onions to go on top. He doesn’t cut any corners, this one. I’m going to have to keep this chef around, I think.

Last year about this time I asked Santa for a sous chef. He brought me a chef and I became the sous chef. How about that!


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