Thai beef noodle soup

28 Nov

We spent yesterday having some Moroccan time (our version of down time) watching football and playing smashball at a nearby park. The weather has been so pretty lately, it seems silly not to get outside and enjoy.

But, we still have to eat. Jack is typically the resident chef and menu planner. I thought it would be nice to do the cooking for a change (and menu planning).  I was trying to come up with a meal that would be tasty for dinner and something we haven’t made before (as a couple). Burgers sure sounded good.

I know. A burger is so simple, yet the ones I remember my Mom making were thick and juicy (Mom burgers we used to call them) and she would serve them with sauteed onions and butter toasted buns. And all of the condiments of course. Yum.

Sometimes the best of intentions and ideas give others inspiration. I think it was the word “beef.” Jack had some beef bones, meatballs and small round steaks in his freezer.  In a snap, our meal plans changed from hamburgers to Thai beef noodle soup. Also he made a detour yesterday while out running errands and picked up wide rice noodles at Ranch 99 Market, along with sweet tamarind (for me).

I can’t give you exact measurements on any of this, but I can tell you what he used: 1 cube beef bullion, 1 small package meatballs,  2 Thai red chili peppers cut in half, 1 whole onion (unpeeled), one small package beef bones, one small steak and a couple of star anise. This boiled then simmered for about 2 hours, then he took the meat off the bones and sauteed several cloves of chopped garlic in oil (this was used as a condiment on the soup).  He cut some round steaks in strips and blanched small batches in water. Then he blanched some bean sprouts, the rice noodles (they sell these precooked so you only need to soak them in hot water) and poured the broth and beef mixture over that. As you can see, the final product is pretty impressive.

You stir a little Sriracha into it then you are good to go. And you need a big spoon.

And chopsticks.

Happy eating.


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