Thanksgiving Day and lunch at Herb Box

27 Nov

We had a great Thanksgiving this year (like all years). My Aunt made the stuffing, cranberries and broccoli, which she serves with an oil/garlic/lemon vinaigrette. Mom did the turkey, pumpkin pies (mmm) and dinner rolls (from scratch!) as she is the master baker in our family. My brother brought his family (my sister-in-law Tosha and their kiddos Brianna, Chrissy and Rosie) and Jack and I brought the kosher bird. And what a bird it was.

It was baked at 350 degrees for about 3 1/2 hours. You can see how brown and yummy it looks. He really did a great job. He rubbed the outside of the bird with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Inside he placed two cut up oranges for moisture and extra flavor. As you can imagine, it was a tasty bird. Jack got major snaps from all diners, Jewish and secular.

Yesterday, as if we didn’t have enough to digest from Thanksgiving, Dad and I decided to have lunch at Herb Box in South Bridge in Scottsdale. It was my first time at their newest location and it is big… the architecture is beautiful and very open. They also have a market if you want to take home baked goodies (I picked up a huge cupcake and fruit tart for my brother and his family) and tzatziki, along with other yummies like prepared salads. Dad opted for the veggie wrap and I had the veggie nosh. Not sure why we went all veggie yesterday (maybe we were still digesting from Thanksgiving?)…

We also enjoyed the tzatziki with hummus, fingerling potatoes, mango mimosas, pumpkin tiramisu, cappuccinos and anisette. I know. When we eat, we eat!

My Dad is spending some time in Phoenix these days and I’m very thankful to be able to have extra goofing off time together. I mentioned during this meal that we need to go to St. Francis for their curry chicken salad on flatbread sanwich. I’m sure a visit is in our near future.

In the meantime…cheers!


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