Gelato Spot, The Parlor and a dirty espresso carafe (or is it well-loved?)

5 Nov

My brother and I were goofing off today, shopping at Macy’s (a new shirt for him and kudos for me) and slurping salted caramel shakes from Gelato Spot. Yum. It’s a new flavor that you really should try if you like caramel. It is super creamy and not too sweet. On the way back to my brother’s, we stopped at my place (which is conveniently located near their 32nd St./Camelback location) and my brother spied an unwashed espresso maker, or more correctly, the carafe. He asked, “It’s not supposed to look like that, is it?” He’s insinuating that I don’t clean it often enough, which is probably true. I’m more of a rinse and dry type of gal. My brother is hospital clean. So we don’t always jell on acceptable levels of dust, dirt, fuzz and now apparently dirty (well-loved?) espresso carafes. So be it. He doesn’t have to drink out of mine. Except when he comes over for dinner.  Which he will be this Sunday.


Oops. I guess I’ve gotta clean it.

This weekend Jack is making a roasted pork for us (on his little Cuisinart rotisserie machine) with Puerto Rican rice and beans. And fried plantains. I know. He is such a good cook. And the kitchen wench knows she is lucky.

My friend Linda and I were at The Parlor for dinner this week. She is very funny, down to earth and a transplant from Chicago.  We shared a pepperoni pizza, sauteed brussel sprouts (with pancetta?), polenta with mushrooms and a tiramisu. They have such a great menu. If you are a pizza freak like me and like good wine (and spirits) you should go. I tried a new liquour called Chartreause (green) and it is very tasty.  It is made by monks, and has a kind of herb-like taste with anisette in the background. And it is potent. If you want to try it, here is a picture of the bottle.

I am going to look for it at Star Liquour and Convenience tomorrow. A little birdie just called me and said my Dad is coming to visit this weekend from Carlsbad. I want to have a bottle of this on hand for celebrating.



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