AZ State Fair, a new tree and what’s for lunch

2 Nov

I was doing a post on our visit to the fair a couple of weeks back when Jack’s computer crashed. So… this post is a couple of weeks late.  (Must remember to press “save draft.”) Sorry folks!

The first weekend of the fair we took advantage of their free before noon Sundays. We communed with the animals, ate great food (corn dogs, frozen bananas and Jamaican patties), saw Native American dancers and my brother won some lottery money. And Jack got a new colorful Mexican blanket.  He bought me some pretty Navajo earrings with turquoise and coral. Happy campers! Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Speaking of my brother, he planted a new tree yesterday. It’s a hybrid thornless mesquite (this makes it really sound like I know what I’m talking about – yeah, right!) that him and my Mom picked up at the SRP free tree program last weekend. They actually got two trees but I don’t remember what breed (is that how you talk about botanicals?) it is. So the first tree is in. I think it looks like a happy little tree (thank you Bob Ross).

I’m not sure how to segue from a new tree to lunch, but there it is. Lunch today is stir fried chicken pieces (bone in for flavor) with zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper and onion. This is such a good dish, the flavors work very well together. Courtesy of Jack, of course. He also picked up some new Sobe drinks that have zero calories and I have a pork bun too. I appreciate that he is looking after my girlish figure (as pear shaped as it may be).

I was on a wellness call today (gosh that sounds snobby) for my new job. If you participate in the wellness program at work, you save half on your health insurance (that’s a lot, folks), so I quickly signed up, as the frugal kitchen wench would be expected to do. Anyways, on this call today I was telling the nice lady how much my diet has improved in the last 6 months thanks to Jack (much more fruit & veg). This is where everyone goes “Awwww!”


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