Windsor and Sweet/Spicy chicken with Curry chicken

20 Oct

My workmate Linda and I (see picture below…can you tell which one is me?) went to unwind at Windsor on Monday night. Take note! They have 2 for 1 entrees on Monday and Tuesday nights. Linda had a burger that she said was very tasty (the best burger she’s ever had) and I had a hot dog that was snappy and pre-condimented (I like this). Their fries are very crispy and thin. At Windsor there are lots of beers on tap. My kind of place! On a Monday night they were doing a brisk business – there was a 30 minute wait for dinner (on a Monday night) so Linda and I were glad to get a seat at the bar where they also serve dinner.

The architecture is very cool – when you sit at the bar it sort of “spills” to the outside so right now when our weather is nice, it’s a great place to be. You must go to Windsor and check it out. Also next door is their ice cream/candy shop called Churn where they make homemade ice cream, coffee, baked goodies and have all kinds of old timey candies. A kitchen wench’s paradise.

On the subject of food (are their any other subjects?) Jack made yellow chicken curry last night…

with a second dish (because that’s how he rolls) which I really enjoyed. A spicy/sweet chicken with green beans. Oh my, this is so good. It reminds me a tiny bit of the chicken on the spicy chicken salad at Pei Wei but it is three or four times (at least) better. I keep telling him I can’t believe a restaurant hasn’t snapped him up yet.

Actually there was an offer. In Georgia, I think…a friend of his Mom’s needed a cook. I told him, you never know in life, it might be worth checking out, as we have plans A, B, C, D and all the way to J or K at any given time. And sometimes change can be good. My Dad says that when we experience change we go out onto the “skinny branches” of a tree (the uncomfortable ones). I really like this example.

My Dad sent a picture from the beach yesterday (see below). I’m not sure which beach he was at. First one who guesses correctly gets 5 bucks. 



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