Chow mein from Desert Jade and a new scooper

15 Oct

I had a yen today for chicken lo mein from Little Shanghai . (They also do very good crispy duck) Alas, I don’t think they do lunch on Saturdays because my call went to voicemail.

But, Desert Jade came to the rescue, they have a yummy chow mein with chicken and lots of veggies. Broccoli and mushrooms, specifically. I am liking it (see picture).

The broccoli is very crunchy and it is not overly salted. These guys do a version with the very thin egg noodles as opposed to version that Little Shanghai does with a thicker noodle (more chewy). The Desert Jade version reminds me of the Cantonese chow mein that we used to get at China Doll back in the day. Remember that place? They had this great birthday song that was pretty standard but the ending was “how old are you? how old are you? happy birthday…happy birthday…happy birthday to you!” It always used to make me laugh. We used to go there a lot especially when my brothers were little so they could sack out in the big red booths during dinner, which happened frequently. Oh man. And their egg rolls were so good.

The egg rolls Jack and I made last time were really delicious. He mentioned them this morning as we were making breakfast (french toast with marmalade and bacon mmmm) and I told him I’m ready to make another batch. I guess he thought of them since we are talking about going to the fair tomorrow (free admission until noon on Sundays, folks) and they have all kinds of yummy fried foods – some on sticks (corn dogs) and some not (fry bread) that I plan to enjoy. Staying clear though of the grilled cheese maggot sandwich. Really? Whose idea was that anyways?

While visiting my brother today he presented me with a new coffee scooper (he found on and I am so happy.

The grade is 18/10 stainless and Mike said this means it is restaurant quality. He knows am really fond of the good stuff. Speaking of which, Cost Plus has a new Kona peaberry whole bean that I found recently and it is really tasty. My brother got some Jamaican blue mountain that they also sell and he enjoyed it a lot. It is also where I get chorizo which is very very similar to what you will find in Spain. I know! At Cost Plus! Good to know. Get yourself a little demi baguette roll with a few slices of chorizo and you will be in sandwich heaven. Even better if you fry the chorizo a little. Mmmmm. I’m getting distracted now.

Jack is making corned beef with cabbage tonight. Here’s my contribution đŸ™‚


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