Here fishie fishie…fried seabass with lemongrass and a whole fried tilapia

12 Oct


We have been talking about fried fish for about two months now (ever since Jack’s Mom said she was sending  his deep fryer from Florida). Last weekend we were at Mariscos Chihuahua and Jack was bit by the bug. When I came home last night, he was frying on the patio – a beautiful whole battered tilapia and a good chunk of seabass that had been marinated with lemongrass. We had white rice on the side… and ate al fresco. The weather was so pretty. If it hadn’t been a school night I would have suggested a bottle of wine.

My Mom quips that Jack never does anything just one way (this is true) – for instance, he will make satay, but just not chicken (there has to be pork or beef also) and when he makes a  stir fry chicken with Chinese broccoli he might also make chicken with asparragus or some other kind of veggie that has been appropriated from his friend Barbara’s garden (most recently a huge zucchnini that was delicious). So, last night, in the spirit of not cooking things just one way, one piece of seabass had gone into the oven with coconut milk and some other spices (I cannot divulge them because I do now know what they are – Jack just smiles when I tell him he sprinkles magic fairy dust on stuff and it always tastes great).

So there was baked fish as well last night. Yummy. It is his lunch today and here is mine:

Actually the fish is my dinner as Jack picked me up some Cantonese chow mein at Mekong supermarket yesterday (under the guise that he needed to pick up coconut milk).

This chow mein is so tasty and highly addictive. It goes well with red chili oil (buy the one that has the pepper flakes in it).

This morning Jack asked how I was doing on my tamarind (how much was left). I told him there are 5 or 6.

This means there’s another trip to Mekong Plaza in his (or our) near future. Yes!




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