Pineapple tarts and fresh spring rolls from Mekong Plaza

4 Oct

Jack was at Mekong Plaza yesterday evidenced by my breakfast and lunch today (and in the spirit of full disclosure, dinner last night). He picked up some pineapple tarts from the bakery (yummy) and some fresh spring rolls from the market which I will enjoy later today. I tease him every time we go (or he goes) telling him that we are sending their kids to college.

pineapple tart from Mekong Plaza bakery


fresh spring rolls from Mekong Plaza market

Last night we enjoyed duck, Chinese broccoli and chicken fried rice from Mekong Palace restaurant  What a major feast. Not your typical Monday night dinner (but ours apparently). It has become my favorite Chinese restaurant (Hong Kong style). You must go for dim sum on the weekend. Portions are about half, but you pay a lot less and get to try a lot of different things (steamed, fried, woked, etc) and the flavors are amazing. Jack likes to mix red wine vinegar and chili sauce and this serves as a dipping sauce for dumplings that are brought to you via nice people with little carts.

Go. Now.



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