Chino Bandido and La Olmeca

1 Oct

We went to Chino Bandido last night in Chandler for Jerk Chicken. Wow! It is really spicy.

The Chino Bandido mascot

If you are not into really spicy food, opt for their other options like carnitas, chile relleno, Chinese bbq pork, Gringo chicken, Teriyaki chicken…and there are others too.

Jack and I both had a combination with rice and black beans (you could have refried beans also). Their rice is very tasty, and there are choices here too. We had the jerk fried rice (very good) but you can also have chicken fried rice, plain fried rice or pork fried rice.  The combination comes with two choices of meats, we both had jerk chicken.  Jack opted for the Teriyaki chicken and I chose Jen Red Chicken. It is kind of like a sweet and sour chicken, and it was a good choice, since the Jerk Chicken was a bit too spicy for me.

Thankfully they serve beer as well (we both enjoyed a Fat Tire) to help take down some of the heat. Honestly, I could have used a second. But, afterwards we went back to chez Jack and he made magaritas. They were really cold, strong, frozen and sour. My kind of marg!

Today we were planning on going to a Corn Hole event (this is a game you play where you throw a beanbag through a board that has a hole in it about 27 feet away) near 16th St./Broadway. Well…we arrived early before any of the food was set up (there was a promise of Mexican breakfast type foods) so we decided to take a drive onto Central Avenue heading south to find a breakfast spot. And we did find one.

La Olmeca has a huge menu…you can do breakfast, lunch and dinner here (and snacks). I had a carnitas burrito (see below) and Jack chose menudo.

Carnitas burrito from La Olmeca

We were both very happy with the quality and we’ll be back, since they also have seafood cocktails, combination plates with milanesa and most important of all…raspados. Yes! You must make a trip to La Olmeca and check it out. Very reasonable and great quality. I want to try their sopes next time. And these guys have Mexican beer. Sisisisisisisisisi! There is a Corona in my future.





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