Celebrating the Jewish New Year with Challah and…salami

29 Sep

Dammit. I think I’ve got an ingrown toenail (see suspect big toe below).

Not sure if this is true (1) or an indication that I am allergic to running (2) or maybe I am just chicken (3) about taking on the Frank Kush 5K Race next weekend at Tempe Town Lake. Could be a combination of all three…

On a separate note, Happy Jewish New Year! My brother sent me a picture of some Challah rolls my sister made yesterday.


Boy do they look yummy. They keep totally kosher. They have a kosher kitchen and everything. So you know they are totally serious about it. I think that’s cool. I mean, if you’re going to do something, go all out.

Jack had the night off from cooking last night (it was my night and I opted to be lazy) so we had a salami sandwich from DeFalco’s Italian Deli. It was so tasty. They have some of the best hard salami I have ever tasted.  No, I do not own stock in this place (but I wish I did).


I just think they do really good things.  http://defalcosdeli.com/ They also make Italian dinners too – and lunches for that matter. I highly recommend you visit. And they have a patio which is nice for evenings when the weather is…well, nice (like right now – almost).

At DeFalco’s they also have all kinds of other yummies like cannoli, which makes a very good breakfast. My breakfast, this morning, to be exact.


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