Meatballs, spaghetti & salad

27 Sep

I’m working late last night which has been typical since I started a new job back in May (crazy schedule – we are eating lunch on European time). Around 5:30  I get a text from Jack with this picture:

Underneath it says: meatballs, spaghetti, salad.

Be still my heart.

Jack made this dinner for us about a month ago and I told him that I’m up for ‘Italian Night’ at least once a week.  He’s used to these kinds of compliments from me. Last night I asked him, “So, is there anything you don’t cook?” He’s very modest, so he didn’t really reply.

He made me a huge salad with frisee, spinach, some other greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and croutons with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette that I’ve recently discovered has capers, garlic and raspberry vinegar (and oil too). I don’t know the exact combination though, so you will have to ‘go fish’ if you try to make it at home. Sorry, folks. I suspect he’s keeping the measurements a secret lest I take a bottle of it one of these days to Basha’s headquarters (AJ’s Fine Foods parent company) and pitch it to them as a new product. It is that good! Sometimes it has rosemary in it, too.

His meatballs are a product of spices (he wouldn’t tell me all of what he uses here also), Italian sausage and ground beef. They are so delicious. I have a healthy portion to take to lunch today.

Last night we were watching the one of the cooking channels and there was a show with this cute girl who traveled all over Austin in a 24 hour time period (someone told me not too long ago that Austin is like the San Francisco of Texas and after this show I really believe it). She had Hungarian food, Cuban sandwiches, Ethopian food and made a couple of other stops I can’t remember. Jack and I don’t really need the power of suggestion to come up with new meals, but still…afterwards there was a food truck show and this guy was making  jerk bbq (how good does that sound?) so we got on the topic of steaks from there (not sure how that happened) and Jack asks if I’ve ever been to Monti’s (no) or Morton’s (no). I mention Don & Charlie’s (who has a groupon right now) and tell him they have a great bbq skirt steak and he’s says, “that sounds good.” So there might be a steak in our future. And then I mention I really enjoyed the cornish game hens he made on the grill awhile back (I’d mentioned this recently) and he asks, “you really want me to make those again, don’t you?” And I’m in a half coma because of all of the meatballs and I say, “U- huh…” He smiles.

Seriously spoiled here, folks…getting fat (pleasingly plump?) and happy.


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