TeHaru Sushi

25 Sep

We went to a place that does sushi last night and it comes to you via conveyor belt. You’re saying, “no way!”


It was so cool, you just grab what you like that comes by off of the moving conveyor, munch and when you finish your waiter adds up your plates (we had a few – see picture).

I was as much in love with how the food came to me with how it tasted. I  mean, it’s pretty hard to mess up a California roll, right? And they bring you fresh wasabi; there is pickled ginger on the table.

I stuck to the cooked stuff i.e. Callifornia Rolls but Jack and his friend Lance had a sense of adventure and ate the raw sushi…more for them.

And the nice folks at TeHaru are making sushi all the time. http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2008-10-30/restaurants/for-conveyor-belt-sushi-joints-haru-sushi-and-sushi-eye-in-motion-it-all-revolves-around-spontaneity/

You can sit at the sushi bar and watch them do it. Pretty cool!

Their edamame is also very tasty as well as the cucumber salad. And there are Japanese bottled fizzy drinks on the conveyor belt as well as fruit (in those little cans you pull back the lids that we took for lunch back in the day), juices, cream puffs and cheesecake.  Oh. My.

Today I had a samosa from Lee Lee’s for breakfast http://www.leeleesupermarket.com/ and Jack had Menudo from the nice Mexican Carniceria at Hayden/McDowell. And we we bought pig parts as well. Yes, parts. I’m talking ears and stomach. I think it’s smoked – or maybe just slow roasted. I didn’t eat those, but I did eat a couple pieces of chicharron. Yummy.

For lunch we went for dim sum at Mekong Palace. I just love that place. Pork spareribs, fried rice, Chinese broccoli, stuffed rice noodles…it just went on and on. And a green tea smoothie with boba for dessert.

The kitchen wench is seriously stuffed.

We’re planning our next meal, though. Jack said we might make fish tonight. Gasp!

Also it appears that a trip to San Francisco is in the works. His sis lives there (free lodging!) and he grew up there so he knows where all of the great food is (think Chinatown and Pier 39). We’ll take lots of picts and tell you where the good places are.





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