Manu Chao and Oakville Grocery

22 Sep

Manu Chao brought down the house last night! Or should I say, the parking lot?  When he sang “La Vida es una Tombola” I got goose bumps. Hail Manu Chao for doing a show in Phoenix and helping la causa!

When we arrived around 7:15,  there was a line a good 1/4 mile long to get in where he was playing,  just across the street from El Portal Restaurant.  Some activists were chanting (anti SB-1070 folks like me) and talking about Manu Chao’s performance, so we knew we were in the right place.  Kindered spirits!

We decided to get a feed since it looked like it would take awhile before we could enter anyways, so we went over to Vitamin T, and they were closed! A major bummer, since Jack hadn’t been there before. Alas…

We passed Oakville Grocery on the way over to Vitamin T so that’s where we went. Need a feed after 7:00 pm and you’re in downtown Phoenix? Oakville Grocery is a pretty neat place to try. It is squeaky clean and modern inside. They have wraps, roasted chicken (see picture – remnants for my lunch today), salads, yummy pastries, fruit, all kinds of interesting drinks, and did I mention they have a bar? We didn’t get to the bar last night since we were on a mission to get dinner and head back to the concert. Jack had a ‘pig in a blanket’ which appeared to be a hot dog wrapped in a biscuit and browned nicely (he said it was tasty) and we shared 1/2 a roasted chicken with veggies. The food was tasty and reasonable – we also picked up a couple of turnovers for breakfast today, apple for me and cream cheese for him (I’m still working on mine – see picture).

Oakville Grocery has a lot of gourmet foods all neatly stacked on shelves. It warmed the kitchen wench’s heart. I had a flashback to when EuroMarket opened at Central/Camelback back in the 80’s. All of those gourmet foods just staring at you and saying, “buy me, I’m pretty, I’m different, I come from far away, I’m expensive and I taste so good!”

I spied a Sierra Nevada stout spicy brown mustard I should have bought, but then again I will have an excuse to go back and get it (and have a stout from their bar as well).  Give Oakville a try the next time you are downtown and hungry (or thirsty). Did I mention their large wine selection? I spotted a bottled mimosa too. For joy…


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