Mama Java’s

21 Sep

I was telling someone at work last week that I think about food all the time (this is a surprise to you, yes?) and in the same sentence I said that I need to lose 5 pounds.

Not a good combination…

But I’m back at running, which is a good thing, so there is hope. If you are near Tempe Town Lake in the mornings around 7:30 am you might spot me.


Since I think about food all the time, it would make sense that I was planning breakfast last night. This as I had dinner (a taro smoothie with boba from Bosa Donuts).

I spied my refrigerator this morning and found only a 2 liter bottle of Coke, a bottle of wine, various condiments and 4 cans of Tecate. And a lime. At least I won’t get scurvy, right?

Don’t judge the kitchen wench’s diet! I’ve actually been spending a lot of time in Tempe these days, where Jack lives, and enjoying (mostly) his cooking which includes a lot of stir fries so I’m getting plenty of veggies (chinese broccoli with chicken for yesterday’s lunch = the kitchen wench is all about leftovers) and he always sends me off to work with fruit as well. This is where people either say “you go girl!” or “sinner!”

Either one is fine by me.

Today since there were limited breakfast options (in my defense I do have oatmeal but I have never prepared it myself so my brother would have to come over and give me a lesson) I opted to go across the street to Mama Java’s.   They have all kinds of coffee drinks (but I made my own latte since I am a coffee snob) and yummy bagels, pastries and omelets. And bananas. I grabbed 2 bagels and 2 bananas so I am covered for breakfast (see picture)

and snack (see picture).

Lunch is tom yum gai soup that Jack made the night before last and he gave me a big container to take home. It has lemongrass, shrimp, chicken, tomatoes, Chinese broccoli and spices that I can’t name. This is a great soup, tasty and healthy, also a mood lifter. When I have a crummy day and eat this soup, I feel so much better.

Have I mentioned lately that Jack is a great guy? Emphasis on great!

Dinner is undetermined as we are going to see Manu Chao perform tonight (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) near El Portal Restaurant (117 W. Grant St.)  in Downtown Phoenix. No charge, the gates open at 6:00. I am leaning towards Vitamin T (Tacos Tortas y Tequila) at 1 E. Washington Street (at City Scape).

Vitamin T has a new breakfast menu, btw, so if you work downtown, don’t forget to visit the nice folks there for a breakfast torta ( have I mentioned I’m a fan of the owner Aaron May? He is the genius behind Iruña in downtown Scottsdale).




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