A day at Tonto Natl Monument and lunch at Goldfield Ghost Town Steakhouse & Saloon

19 Sep

We visited Barbara yesterday up at her place at Roosevelt Lake. It is so peaceful there! I used to think, why would someone have a ‘home away from home’ all the way up there? Now I know. She has mesquite trees in her front yard. Hanging from them are ornamental bee wind chimes and Spiderman (one on each tree). I asked her about the Spiderman and she said they were her grandchildren’s toys and they wern’t using them anymore so she thought she would hang them from her tree. Enough said! A little quirky, but cute.

After hanging with Barbara, we drove to a spot at Roosevelt Lake that would be great for camping and kayaking. I am so excited to spend a night there and wake up, get in the lake and move around, drop in a pole and catch some catfish. This will come soon, and I’ll share pictures with you.

We also stopped at Tonto National Monument http://www.nps.gov/tont/index.htm to  (see picture) take a look at how the Salado Indians lived back in the 1400’s. Looking at their dwellings really gives you a humbling feeling. It is just a short walk (and not too strenuous) to see them. There is another hike that is about 3 hours long and a little more of a trek, according to the park ranger that is available during the fall/spring months that we would like to do next time. Apparently there are a lot of caves in the area that were occupied by the Salados. It would be neat to see more of them.

We took an old stagecoach road back to Phoenix and it was very bumpy. I could have used a Dramamine patch as the road was also very narrow and windy (my friend Christine recommends Bonnie tablets from Walgreens because they don’t make you drowsy. Making note of this.)

Jack suggested lunch at Goldfield Ghost Town’s Steakhouse & Saloon http://www.goldfieldghosttown.com/(I had never been there) and that sounded great to me. We shared bbq wings (see picture) and bbq beef sandwiches with fries. We had a lot left over (Jack’s lunch today). Their bbq is really tasty, if you’re looking for an old west experience with a feed, this is a fun place to go. And the views of the Superstition Mountains are really something. There is outside seating for when the weather gets nice and Jack tells me the sunsets are beautiful.

 There is also gold panning, a ‘bordello,’ trail rides, gunfights, etc.

The kiddos would probably get a kick out of this. But we saw lot of adults there too.




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