Stir fried cabbage with seasoned ground beef and honey bbq pork buns

14 Sep

As if the kitchen wench wasn’t sweet enough, Jack is sending me to work today with two (count ’em) honey bbq pork buns from the bakery inside Mekong Palace mall. Mmmmm. You have got to try this bakery, they have taro and red bean cookies, red bean buns, red bean bread…I am going into a red bean coma now. There is a recipe for red bean cookies I must make soon (from fellow blogger as they look really delicious.


I digress. He’s also made me a to go portion of last night’s dinner, cabbage with seasoned ground beef and white rice. He browned the ground beef in his wok with some soy sauce, a lot of garlic, and fish sauce. It was really good (see picture).


Now that it is starting to cool off, we are thinking of heartier foods (not that we don’t eat enough of them already). We’re planning on doing some cabbage rolls soon – if any of you out there have an old family recipe for them (any Polish grandmothers out there?) please send it my way. Otherwise I’ll be doing a random search on the internet for cabbage rolls. You never know what you’re going to get. It could turn out great, or…


Last Sunday we went to Superstition Ranch Market in Apache Junction (Jack used to live near there) and picked up some homemade granola for my brother (apple cinnamon mmm), orange sticks for my Mom (the dark chocolate kind that she likes) and some marmalade for us. I’m a big fan of orange marmalade, not only on an English muffin, but it’s also good between two layers of sponge cake, then covered with chocolate frosting. Like I said, people…it is cooling off. Baking time is just around the corner. 🙂


This little market is neat, as there are foods from many different small purveyors. In the kitchen wench’s opinion, small batches = tastier products. Go and check them out, there are two locations: 4755 E. Main St. in Mesa, and the one where we went in AJ, 7 N. 114th St. Apache Junction.






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