Barbara’s garden

12 Sep

We spent a little time with Barbara in her fruit & veg garden yesterday. Jack’s former neighbor near Polk and Miller has quite a sprawling bounty in her front yard.  I hope that Sunset Magazine will show up and take pictures and do an article one of these days, she deserves some recognition for her beautiful creation, and it may inspire others, too.

She showed us some new produce (a large cucumber! and personal watermelons).  She also has cantaloupe, squash, yellow (soon to be green at least I think) eggplant that are ready for the picking and then fruit trees that will be bearing fruit (lemons and grapefruit) in a couple of months.

The kitchen wench is fond of fruit (especially free fruit) and Jack and I were happy to be able to take home a couple of personal watermelons and cantaloupe.  Barbara says when you crack these open the juice just spills out.  Yummy. 

There is a lot of fruit in our comestible future.

Barbara spends a lot of time up at Roosevelt Lake, and we hope to join her soon one of these weekends for catfish fishing and kayaking. I am excited about the prospect of eating catfish with potatoes, as Jack has described a meal he has made before…and it sounds like a good thing. Will take pictures to show you of our good catch.



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