Vegas, baby!

6 Sep

Jack came up with the bright idea that we should spend a night in Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend. I’m always up for road trips, so this sounded good to me. We stayed at the Riviera in the older part of Las Vegas. The hotel was very reasonable (less than $75) and clean.

For lunch we went to the food court at the Rivera and were pleasantly surprised. They have Indian food! We shared a tandoori chicken combo with some type of vegetarian side dish (lentils/beans?) with naan and a side of chicken samosas that came with a yummy dips that were flavored with mint and tamarind (I think it was tamarind at least). To accompany our meal Jack sprang for margaritas from La Salsa (also located in the Riviera’s food court) that are served in huge plastic neon hookah-shaped glasses (see picture). The margs were so tasty. It was hot in Vegas so a slushy spiked drink was very appreciated.

To our great surprise, Paul Rodriguez was performing in their comedy club on Sunday night. We were able to see his show, (in the front row!) and it was so funny. His opening act was The Unnamed Comedian who has been on The Gong Show (back in the day) and Jack actually remembered seeing him on TV. Too funny.
Paul Rodriguez was very gracious and let us take a picture with him at the end of his act. We were so impressed!

Prior to the show, we spent a good part of the afternoon at the hotel pool, which becomes a pool party of sorts, with a DJ, a dance contest and a belly flop contest.  We are in the easily amused department, so we found all of this quite fun.  I was able to try out my new goggles and swim a few laps in the huge pool, which has salted water as as opposed to chlorine.  I had never swam (swum?)  in a salt water pool before and really enojoyed it.

We didn’t spend too much time on the strip, but we did a little gambling (slots and video poker) at the MGM Grand and at New York New York.  Jack hoped we would have dinner at the buffet at MGM Grand but it was closed when we arrived. So…after walking around a bit deciding what to eat, we decided on America at New York New York. They have huge burgers and tasty salads. They also serve breakfast. My cobb salad was enormous (very appreciated) with what must have been two juicy chicken breasts atop a mountain of Romaine lettuce with chunks of bacon and tomatoes. It came with a light Italian dressing and when I asked for crackers and butter (sometimes I have a yen for saltines) they also brought me bread. Very good service! Jack had a burger with avocado, bacon and the usual trimmings. It looked delicious and we both agreed it was right on for what we needed. 

Monday morning I got lucky upon departure from the hotel (not what you are thinking – dirty minds!!). I was playing video poker with $3.00 and I won $200.  Yippee! Jack got half since I consider him my good luck charm (and partner in crime) and I spent part of my half on dinner for us at Honey Bear’s. We needed some baby back ribs and bbq chicken after the drive home.

Sustenance for the drivers, since with shared the wheel.


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