Baked fish in red curry sauce with fried smelts and egg rolls

31 Aug

Last night I arrived chez Jack (this is what I call his place now) and I could smell all of the yummy things cooking from the stairwell (outside). This is always a very very good sign.

Upon entering, I saw fried smelts (yes!) and egg rolls (the ones we made over the weekend that he had frozen for later use-see picture). There was fish baking in the oven, and I was a happy camper.

Jack served me a plate of all three offerings with white rice. This was such a good meal. He baked the fish in banana leaves with Chinese broccoli and a red curry sauce that had coconut milk. It was not too spicy. Wow. And wow.

For dessert we had…jackfruit. What else could we possibly have?

Jackfruit has sections that reminded me of the sections of a garlic bulb (see picture), but they are much sweeter, like pineapple. There are large seeds that look like river rocks and sections in between the fruit that you do not eat that are very fibrous. The exterior is very interesting, with a spiny texture and pretty green color. Go to your local Asian market and try one today.

Jack also said you can buy jackfruit in a can, but it is softer and sweeter because it comes in a syrup. Regular jackfruit is sweet enough for me, thank you very much.


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