Egg roll wrappers + corn oil + ground pork + veggies = yummy

28 Aug

We made egg rolls yesterday. They were so good. I ate two and afterwards I felt like I needed a long nap. They are super filling.

The filling was 1 lb. ground pork, 1 carrot diced, 1/4 fresh green beans diced, 3 garlic cloves diced and soy sauce. The garlic goes in the pan first with a little oil (we used corn oil) to brown and then the ground pork was added until it was browned. Then we put in the carrots and let them cook a bit and at last the green beans went in since they cook quickly. We also used a couple of large handfuls of fresh bean sprouts for good measure that went in after everything else was done.

Once cooled, we filled spring roll wrappers with the filling, about 1 1/2 tablespoons each (we made big egg rolls) and then rolled them up like burritos, tucking in the sides and then brushing the last corner with egg so it would stick.

Then the rolls were fried on medium high heat in about 3/4 ” of corn oil (see picture) for a few minutes on each side until brown. Omigosh. These are so good. You should make them. The recipe yielded about 20 and we have quite a few left in the freezer, ready for frying.

Jack suggested we eat these with a spicy sweet sauce for chicken that he found at the Asian market. It was really tasty.

As a finale he fried a small banana in an egg roll wrapper and topped it with a thin slice of flan (this guy is creative) and drizzled honey on top that came from one of his customers who has bees. I was in fried heaven by this time, as you can imagine.

Before we made egg rolls, earlier in the day we went to Mekong Palace for dim sum and had some new things: rice “parcels” made with sticky rice, chicken and Chinese sausage that were steamed in tea leaves (or grape or banana leaves I am not sure) and then we also had some shrimp dumplings and some other kind of dumpling in a green wrapper (bok choy, spinach?). Jack likes to make a dipping sauce with chili oil and red wine vinegar. This is quite addictive and I found that my mouth was on fire before I new what was happening (but I was happy). We also had fried squid and Mekong does this very well, the batter is light and it was the freshest fried squid I had in my life.

Before we left for dim sum we stopped at the knife shop on McDowell and Hayden (next to Duke’s Bar, the frisbee shop and the carnicerĂ­a where Jack gets his menudo) so Jack could get his cleaver sharpened. He also got a new one yesterday, so now he has two (see picture).

We don’t want the chef to be without a cleaver when his other one is being sharpened, lest it interrupt our dining activities…


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