Penne with meat sauce

24 Aug

Have you been watching the “All you can eat pasta bowl” commercials for Olive Garden lately?

I am a big big big fan of pasta, so I always get a craving for it when I see it on TV. And the Olive Garden does a pretty good thing. I know, it’s more salty than the stuff you would make at home (and albeit more processed) but they do a tasty meal. I mean, unlimited salad and breadsticks? The kitchen wench’s dream. I’m a carb freak.

However, Jack makes a good argument for eating in. Specifically, a couple of nights ago he cooked spaghetti with meatballs (homemade meatballs with ground beef, egg, sausage and…?) and I had leftovers for the next day. Yes! And he makes an incredible balsamic vinaigrette with raspberry vinegar (who knew they would go so well together?), garlic and rosemary. I keep telling him to bottle this stuff and present it to the folks at AJs. It would fly off the shelf. I’m happy to continue being the quality control person for this purpose, mind you. Batches have to be tasted, after all…

I digress…my work schedule is a little crazy these days so I can’t join him for dinner until late (around 7:30 pm). This means sometimes to quell his tummy he has a snack when he gets home from work and then eats with me (super thoughtful) when I arrive. Well, last night he had “snacked” on some penne with leftover sauce from the night before and I brought a sanwich from DeFalco’s (since he’s cooking all of the time I felt he needed a rest) and he asked if I wanted to take the leftovers for lunch. Did I?

He knows me pretty well already.

I know, I’ve got a good thing going here. Nom nom.


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