Chicken fried rice with chicken/pork satay

22 Aug

Jack is so thoughtful, he made dinner for my family yesterday and we swam afterwards. With all of that food, we needed a little activity!
Dinner was yummy (and the kitchen wench has leftovers – see photo). He did chicken fried rice, with garlic, red onion, tomato, jasmine rice, chicken thighs, sweet soy sauce, eggs and scallions. Then he had marinated some pork and chicken in yellow curry powder, garlic salt and other ingredients (I will never know what he really puts in this) and we skewered the pieces of meat and put them on the barbeque.

Oh. My. Goodness.
They were so tasty. He also made some peanut sauce for dipping and served cilantro and cucumbers on the side. And he made cucumber salad with jalapeno, red onion, red pepper, sugar and vinegar.  I love this salad.
He also cooked sticky rice which is a time consuming process (it soaks in water for 8 hours) and it is very enjoyable because you can use it as a “fork” to pick up bits of meat as it is sticky.

My Mom and brother have not been exposed to this type of homemade cooking and they really enjoyed it. I am lucky, as I get to enjoy it many nights of the week, courtesy of the chef!

For dessert we had sticky sweet rice with mango.
Hail to the chef.



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