Mexican pastry and Cantonese noodles

18 Aug

Happiness is hanging out with someone who understands our needs.  In the kitchen wench’s case, my need for food. Jack is a major foodie. This is so cool. I don’t have the words to describe it.

He is also super thoughtful. Yesterday he was at Food City and got me a cochinito (a little pig) which is a Mexican pastry shaped like a little pig (but it is quite big) and it tastes like gingerbread. I found out about these some years ago when I was an ESL assistant at Crockett School and picked some up at La Reyna bakery on 35th Avenue and McDowell for my class. I’m not sure if they are still around, but they had some great pastry back in 1991.

So I’m munching on my cochinito this morning and spied the Cantonese noodles on the kitchen counter. This is a very good sign, that means Jack will probably be making them tonight, maybe with beef or pork, and some kind of veggies. He knows I like them because when we were at Mekong Palace having dim sum this weekend I got very excited when I saw the mound of noodles being passed out to various tables. They do a version that is very simple, just with noodles, soy sauce (I think), maybe some scallions and sesame oil. It is so good. Being a fan of carbs, I just love them.

So here’s to the super thoughtful people who look out for us. Gastronomically speaking, of course.


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