Pansit with chinese sausage, pork and cabbage

11 Aug

Jack introduced me to Pansit last night. He describes it as Filipino chow mein.

I’m all about carbs, so I was into it. His version had chinese sausage, ground pork and cabbage. And rice noodles. The combination was really delicious. I can’t tell you what spices he used since he doesn’t always give me ALL of the details about what he makes (I suspect he thinks I might steal a recipe). He gave me a portion to take to lunch today (see picture) which I devoured and he also gave me some to take over to my Mom and my bro tonight but they declined so I am a happy recipient of a GREAT QUANTITY of pansit. About 2 quarts. It is easily warmed up in the microwave for 2 minutes and then you squeeze a wedge of lime over it.

Anyone want to try?

Here is a recipe for Pansit if you want to make it at home.

I grabbed it from the internet, and it does look pretty tasty.

Here’s to trying new and yummy foods.

Jack’s deep fryer just arrived from Florida. I pointed out the fish setting to him and said we need to use this one first (hint hint).

Will keep you posted.


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