U.S. Egg, Dave & Busters and a run by harvest from Barbara’s garden

6 Aug

Friday night is when some of us really feel like we need a beer. And some bar food.

Last night we went to Dave & Busters in Tempe (my first time there). We shared a combo appetizer plate with wings, sliders and fries. It was really really good.Here’s the menu and other stuff if you want to look before you go http://www.daveandbusters.com/

I’m not always keen on chain food, but these guys do it right. I also had 1 large black and tan (and one small one in the spirit of full disclosure) and Jack had a small Blue Moon and a large Guiness. Good stuff!

Then we played some games and both discovered we play Galaga really well (he is better than me). We also played some Space Invaders, Skee Ball and Ms. Pac Man.  So much fun. I had forgotten that gaming is so neat. Jack gave our tickets to a nice little girl there who was with her Mom, and she seemed very excited to be up 194 points. Hopefully it helped her get that stuffed animal (or soccer ball, frisbee, etc) that she wanted.

This morning he had to go into work at LeSueur Car Co. to organize his stuff (workbench/tools)

because his company is moving into new digs. It’s on the same property but they have a new showroom and garage that is air-conditioned. My mainsqueeze is very happy about this. And I can tout their services because my little VW new (cough cough) Beetle has been getting TLC there for a long, long, long, long time. So get down there if you need car repair (foreign/domestic) or if you need a gently used car. They have Audis, Minis, Beetles, and Toyotas. Check out their website here http://www.usedvwaudi.com/ou/tempe-auto/

I digress.  Before he went off to work, we had breakfast (I know, we eat a lot) at U.S. Egg on Scottsdale Road. Omigosh, they have a great strawberry waffle (I think I detected some cinnamon in it?) and Jack had the two eggs scrambled with hash browns, sausage and english muffin. Their orange juice is very fresh and they have coffee that sticks to your ribs. They also do sandwiches, I can’t wait to go back.  You can find out more about them here http://www.useggrestaurant.com/

After breakfast we went to see Jack’s friend Barbara. She wasn’t there but he has enter/exit privileges (haha) so we found some goodies to take home. There was a small cantaloupe, figs, a bitter melon and some red peppers Jack is going to use in a Thai soup tonight. The little bananas were not from her garden, but from Food City. They are delicious.

Jack’s Mom is shipping his deep fryer from Florida so soon we will be making fish and chips and other yummies. Will keep you posted.

Waistline is expanding.



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