Wholly Grill, Pita Jungle, Plans A-J

1 Aug

Jack and I have been wanting to try a Filipino restaurant for awhile now and yesterday we were at Mekong Plaza (surprise?) with plans to have dim sum at Mekong Restaurant.

The line was deep!

We decided to have lunch at Wholly Grill instead http://www.yelp.com/biz/wholly-grill-mesa , a tiny mom and pop in the same mall alongwide some other small eateries that have Vietnamese and Chinese as well.

I had bbq beef with white rice and papaya salad. I liked the spice flavors on the beef (can’t place them) and it was cooked well. I also liked that the slices were very thin. This comes with a side of white rice. The papaya salad was tasty but could have been spicy (it was more pickle flavored). I also had a melon drink with strips of cantaloupe in it and it was very refreshing. Jack had a dish with tripe, baby bok choy and pork bits with white rice. He thought it was okay but he didn’t jump up and down about it. I tried his dish and I thought it had a pleasant curry flavor but it wasn’t exciting.

So…verdict? I would go back. He wouldn’t (we won’t).

On Saturday I met my friend Sharon for lunch at Pita Jungle http://www.pitajungle.com/. They have a fairly new menu item called kafta burger that is yummy. It has middle eastern spices and is served atop a toasted ciabatta roll with lettuce and tomato on top that has been tossed in a vinaigrette. I had the kafta burger and Sharon had the gyro. I’m not in love with how they make their gyro, it looks a little processed for my taste (it’s not shaved off the “cone” as I am used to). It was good to catch up with my friend and talk about our new happenings in each others lives. A lot can happen in 3-4 months which is when we last saw each other. Too much time to pass between visitis with a dear friend!

I’m been referring to my life lately (this past year or so) as having plans A-J. These plans include (gasp) possibly joining the peace corps, teaching English as a second language here or abroad, running a business, working for someone else, possibly changing residences and spending time with someone special/and hard working, which also helps me look at my life differently. So many choices.

Sharon said there is a way to ask the universe for help in looking at our situations a different way. I’m trying to do that this week to see if some perspective is learned.


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