Delicious and unusual fruits

23 Jul

Jack has been introducing me to all kinds of things I have never tried before, most of all, fruits.

At the Asian supermarket (near Mekong Palace restaurant) last time we were there we picked up dragonfruit, rambutan and manila mangoes. I had tried the mangoes before, I find they are sweeter than the ones I had been used to buying (the ones we see in the supermarket that are shades of green and red).  Sometimes we eat them with sticky rice, which Jack made for me not too long ago from scratch. Apparently it is a time consuming process as the rice has to be soaked many hours before it is cooked. It was so yummy.

The rambutan (the small fuzzy fruit)  is a cousin of the lychee according to To me they taste like grapes and have a large seed in the middle. You have to peel them, so if you prefer fruit that you can just “bite into” for instant satisfaction, the rambutan may not be for you. However, the rewards are great. It is very juicy and sweet.

Dragonfruit tastes like kiwi (to me at least) and you can cut them in half and eat them with a spoon. At the Asian market we found one that was cut in half already, so we could see the inside.

All of these fruits are very refreshing on a balmy hot summer day, like the ones we are having now. Try something new!



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