Tamarind candy vs. fresh tamarind

22 Jul

I’ve been spending a bit of time at the Asian market near Mekong Palace lately in Mesa, and recently discovered they have tamarind candy (near the checkout) and fresh tamarind (in the box in the produce section).  Jack and I have been enjoying the tamarind candy for the last month or so. Last weekend when we visited my Dad in Carlsbad, his fiancee Saykham had a box of the fresh stuff on the kitchen counter.

I had to try it.

Fresh tamarind in the pod is less sweet than it’s candy counterpart, and if you are watching your calories, you might choose it since it’s about 200 calories less per serving (this is for 20 pieces).

The fresh stuff goes for about $4.00 a box and the candy is $2.00. I recommend both. The candy is sweet, salty and spicy, a combination that I love ever since I tried a chamoyada (the inspiration for this blog).

Both versions are sticky and have seeds – the fresh tamarind has to be peeled and is a bit more time consuming to eat. If you like cracked crab and the ritual of getting the crab out of the shell, you might want to try the fresh.


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