Great minds think alike – a weekend in Carlsbad

19 Jul

Jack & I went to visit my Dad in Carlsbad this weekend. We ate at El Norte, The Armenian Cafe in Carlsbad) Daybreakers Cafe (in Yuma) and at IHOP, somewhere in between Carlsbad and El Centro.

Daybreakers Cafe has delicious sweet potato pancakes. I am a huge fan of the sweet potato, so I had a short stack (it could have fed two people, what do they mean short stack?) and Jack had bacon, eggs and breakfast potatoes that were very yummy, you know the kind with onions and red and bell peppers in them. I scarfed a few of his potatoes and he offered me some bacon that I did not turn down. Surprised? Emeril is right. Pork fat rules.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we really didn’t eat at Norte, we drank. A michelada for me (they make theirs with bloody mary mix vs. Clamato) and a long island iced tea for Jack. The day before we had sampled their margaritas with Grand Marinier with my Dad. 

We also spent some time walking on Carlsbad Beach (see picture below) . It is a nice long beach that is perfect for swimming, playing frisbee or just getting some vitamin D.


The Armenian Cafe had delicious food and was a fun time. I had the beef kabob and Jack had lamb. Both came with chicken/lemon/orzo soup, a rice pilaf, Armenian salad (a nice lemony flavor again here, sort of a fetoosh style salad), pita and dip. The dip was very garlicky and perfect for, well…dipping our kabob and pita into.  There was also the unexpected…entertainment! While sitting on the patio we enjoyed the sounds of a musician and singer who played a very pretty guitar called a bouzouki and we were also witness to a gorgeous and talented belly dancer named Estrella (picture pending – stored in Jack’s phone and we need to figure how to download it). We also shared sparkling wine with pomogranite which was very refreshing and you could see the pomogranite seeds “dancing” in the wine. It was a very festive dinner. A little romantic, too.

This is where everyone goes “Awwwww!”

On the way home yesterday we stopped in Algodones Mexico for a quick lunch – birria tacos at a nondescript place that doesn’t see much tourism. Sorry I don’t have a picture. But we did have wonderful lamb and goat tacos on homemade corn tortillas with salsa, guacamole, cilantro and onion. Then we crossed the street for an horchata and popped into a sweet shop that sold all things made of tamarind, which I love. They also make pinatas to order, and we were told they not only make kiddie pinatas, but pinatas for adult parties too. I’m wondering if they are anatomically correct.

Note to fellow imported travelers who go to Mexico –  Jack had to tell the nice immigration officer behind the counter when he was naturalized, what his profession was and where he worked.  (Apparently his passport wasn’t convincing enough!)

When we got up today Jack announced that we were out of creamer so why bother making coffee (I agreed).  I decided to go over to Food City to buy some and a pan de huevo, along with a bottle of Tequila for him (a little thank you for the trip). He returned about 10 minutes after leaving for work with pan de huevo (see picture) and creamer.

It is true that great minds think alike.


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