¡Arriba Nogales!

4 Jul

Yes, for our nation’s birthday weekend we decided to go south of the border. It’s a bit ironic, ¿qué no?

Jack’s passport just arrived and we have been talking about putting it to good use. Nogales seemed practical since it can be done in a day (about 3 hours each way).

We were happy to see that even on a Sunday enough shops were opening for browsing. We also had a great lunch experience of beef tacos, shrimp cocktail, beer (for Jack) and a michelada (for me).  The kitchen wench failed to take a mental note of the name of the restaurant, however… I have called on the expertise of a local photographer Victor Rubio to tell me where we were (that sounds a little funny). I’ll get back to you when he gets back to me.

At the back of the restaurant (conveniently located) there is a gift shop, where Jack bought me a pretty silver bracelet with ducks (or are they swans?) and some “woven” earrings. I fell in love with both right away and he stepped up to the plate. A good man!!

I made sure he went home with a bottle of Presidente Brandy and Hornitos tequila. He is happy camper.

He tried a shot yesterday afternoon with lime and took a long nap. It works!

We also had aguas frescas drinks at a cute little shop right outside a church that had just let out (no we didn’t attend… but we went stopped at San Xavier del Bac on the way home, so that should count, right?) I had a tamarindo (tamarind flavor) and Jack had an horchata (rice with cinnamon). Then we went to a dulcería so I could get some paletas con saladitos (see picture) and across the street was a bakery, where we found coyotas (one with piloncillo and the other with dulce de leche). Jack being the generous guy sent me home with both today. Awww 🙂

He knows the kitchen wench is a big golosina (sweet tooth).

When you have a free day, head to Nogales. Your taste buds will be happy campers.

This is where you get the lollypops. Dulcería Dumi Ave Lopez Mateos 184 Colonia Fundo Legal CP 84030


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