Menu for breakup/divorce

2 Jul

Steak frites (borrowed from

One of my girlfriends recently let me  know that she and her husband are going through a divorce.

Having been there myself not too long ago, I’ve been thinking about her situation a lot, and how difficult it can be. All of the emotions flooding through you. Our past, our present, our plans together (or what we thought were our plans).

The menu that worked for me recently was this:

  • get your stuff and get out (if at all possible do this quickly)
  • no hookups – this will just mess you up emotionally (it is not worth it, no matter how good that part of your relationship was)*
  • cease communications (especially by email) unless absolutely necessary
  • get your legal docs in place – if there are children involved this is even more important
  • spend time with family, friends
  • hydrate, breathe, eat good food, take long baths, exercise, read good books, travel (even if you can only do day trips this will help clear your mind)
  • re-evaluate your life, what is important, can you live with less, is it time for a career change, starting your own business or going back to school?
  • eat good food (it is worth mentioning twice)

My great grandmother used to say, if you feel like crying, you are probably hungry.

I recommend steak frites with a bottle of red wine. Salad optional.



*in the spirit of full disclosure, do as I say, not as I “did.”


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