Smoothies with boba (at Bosa Donuts), lamb chops and a tiny cantaloupe

30 Jun

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About two weeks ago I was at the Asian indoor mall (see previous post at where the Mekong Palace is and I tried one of those smoothies with boba at the bottom. You may ask, what is boba? Boba is a tapioca “ball” of gelatin (is that being redundant?) that sits at the bottom of an asian-style smoothie. I had a honeydew flavor and Jack had green tea. This is a very refreshing drink and I equate the boba to gummy bears in texture but not quite as sweet (and not as cute).

Anyhoo – I was at Bosa donuts about a month ago – to get my free donut and coffee – when I spied that they made smoothies with strange “black balls” at the bottom. Enter boba. I had filed this away until tonight when I was craving a smoothie with boba and remembered they make them at Bosa, about 500 feet from there I live.

I know! I am going to get really spoiled this summer between frozen drinks (smoothies with boba, raspados and chamoyadas) at Bosa, Sonoran Mesquite Grill and Oasis Raspados. Time to get on the treadmill, maybe…

Last night Jack made lamb chops that had been marinated with rosemary, olive oil and garlic. Then he put them on his little butane grill that he brings out onto his patio every once in awhile and got them nicely charred on the outside, but pink on the inside (how does he do that?) and alongside we had some roasted potatoes with rosemary (notice a rosemary theme here), red and orange bell peppers, tiny tomatoes and purple onion. It was like breakfast potatoes but even better. I keep asking myself, when is this shmorgasboard going to end? Here’s hoping it doesn’t.

It’s nice to hang with someone who is creative in the kitchen – and additionally who gives you the leftovers to take to lunch. Today’s leftovers came with an orange and a tiny cantaloupe from his ex-neighbor’s garden (thank you Barbara) that is near Hayden and McDowell. Barbara has the most beautiful garden, filled with veggies, fruits (the figs are almost ripe), roses, and garden gnomes. I really hope that Sunset Magazine will come and take pictures of this special place and that she will allow tours for schools. The wonder of growing one’s own fruit and veg – it is so neat.

I digress. I suspect Jack gave me the tiny cantaloupe (and he confirmed this later) because it was too cute to cut into – he said he didn’t want to “sacrifice it.” Isn’t that the funniest thing? Well it was sacrificed today at lunchtime, and it was one of the sweetest cantaloupes I have ever tried. My co-worker agreed and has signed up for some of Barbara’s tiny green eggplant (that are even smaller and also round) should they become available.

Honeydew smoothie with boba

Lamb chops with potatoes and sauteed veg

Comparing a small cantaloupe to a large orange

The "sacrificed" cantaloupe.


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